Elsinore walks in the old Hamlet´s City

Elsinore Walk And Elsinore City Museum organizes every Wednesday In June, July And August New city walks And city tours With Or without a tourist guide In the historic Hamlet´s City.

Elsinore's history is unique with or without tourist guides. Here the gold flowed in and the city was for centuries the richest in the North. Thousands of sailors from around the world visited the taverns daily and fought in the streets and on the bridges. Merchants and craftsmen came from all over the world To make good money here.

Nowhere else do you see a similar collection of historic buildings and the whole history of Northern Europe comes alive when your tourist guide tells. Here the greatest personalities have traveled and Helsingør was international from its birth 800 years ago. That and much more tells the old watchman about walking through the city.

Every Wednesday in June, July and August from 1 p.m. 17.00 - approx. 18.00 Meeting Place : Helsingør City Museum, Sct. Annagade 36, 3000 Helsingør
Price DKK 80 per. participant. Children under the age of 18 with an adult are free.
Tickets can be purchased online or in the City Museum's store.
More informationby Anette Kjærholm,, tlf. +45 2531 1906

Elsinore Walk - Elsinore City Walk

Elsinore Historical City Walk

Elsinore Walk describes the story of Europe's Sound tax city, which inspired William Shakespeare to write his most famous play, Hamlet.

Elsinore Walk - follows the trail through Helsingør's 800 years of history. Now you and your I-phone can take a trip through the city, which is world famous for Kronborg and Shakespeare's plays Hamlet and catch a glimpse of a time when the Øresund Customs was the basis for the city's prosperity for more than 400 years. The free city walk Elsinore Walk, gives you the opportunity for a unique walking tour that will take you through Helsingør's development from a small rental, over the heyday with the Øresund Customs to industrialization and up to the modern world-class cultural city, which Elsinore is recognized as today. With the route, the city center is established as an attraction in itself in line with Kronborg, the Culture Yard and M/S The Maritime Museum . The old town center has so much to offer if you open your eyes and ears and know where to go. The route takes you around the small cobbled alleys and 'secret' places that you have so far only been able to find if you know the city really, really well .

Take your I - Phone under its arm and walk the Elsinore Walk.

Four days in the gunpowder sign: André Andersen solo

Elsinore Historical City Walk

Hamlet´s City, seen with the eyes of a narrator

A city walk through the streets of Elsinore, where you can almost smell the spices when André Andersen tells anecdotes from Elsinore that can be hard to believe! André is a storyteller, not a historian, and at least that doesn't get boring! The truth barometer may be challenged, but entertaining will be - a hike for adults and schoolchildren alike!

André Andersen, a crackling narrator with great arm movements!
If you whistle aboard, then you challenge the wind and watch out for the albatross, it may be your old skipper who has not been sealed into heaven or hell! Take back in time to a time when Helsingør was notorious for the seven seas! Hear stories of superstitions, heroic rescues, and the ironic fate that has its own agenda. Ship high and lots of rum! Can be combined with 'Powder, bullets and the cow at first'

Duration: 40 minutes
Location: Skibsklarerergaarden, Strandgade 91, 3000 Helsingoer
Adults: 50 kr Children (8+): Free
Tickets and info:

Contact André Andersen: Tel +45 40309594

Or mail:

Homepage: Helsingør Byvandring

City tours with Christian Donatzky

Elsinore Historical City Walk

Christian Holm Donatzky – History Tours, Master of History and Social Studies. Has since 2003 run the company History Tours - historic city walks and events.

The idea is to use city walks for a living dissemination of history. The history of Copenhagen tells about the entire development of society. Here you will find all walks of life, and here the national development has its mark.

Historical walks in Hamlets City. Each tour is based on a specific period. On the walks, participants are introduced to the city's life and development during the period, about the appearance of the city and the people of the city. You get an insight into the role of the various neighborhoods and buildings in the history of Denmark.

Meeting point in Elsinore: The port site at Svea column.
The tours last approx. 1½ hours. On regular trips, booking is not necessary.

You can book group tours, lectures and events - for example. treasure hunts - For companies, schools and companies all year round. More information about possible trips below and at .
If you have any questions about, you can always write to us at . We also like to hear about suggestions for new city tours and the like.


Read much more about guided tours in Helsingør city

Get on a´ Segway City tour


1.5 hour tour with personal instruction and own guide. This trip is full of wonderful experiences. You will see the city of Helsingør in a completely new way and hear little stories about the city and its history. Among other things, we will see the Cathedral, the Carmelite Monastery, the city's oldest half-timbered house, the house where H.C. Andersen went to school and much else.

The Segway tour starts at Helsingør's Kulturværft. Here you will be assigned your own Segway and helmet. Then our guide will instruct you in the safe use of the Segway before we drive out into the city.

The tour ends at the Kulturværftet where we started.
Meeting time 15 minutes before the start.

Segs Segway Tours – Helsingoer

Harbour porpoise safari

Helsingør havn

Embark on a harbour porpoise safari and experience Denmark’s small whale.

It’s possible to sail from the North Harbour in the Øresund Aquarium’s inflatable boat to the area near Hornbæk. Along the way the guide from the Øresund Aquarium tells about the fascinating little whale, Seals and beautiful tuna. which has become quite common in the Sound.

The porpoise safari

Book a private RIB boat safari tour
You can book our RIB boats (incl. crew) for a private porpoise, tuna or bird watching trip.

Invite your friends, family or colleagues for a porpoise watching trip on board a RIB boat and head north to the porpoise habitats for a unique experience. Along the way, we will scout for porpoise while rangers from the Øresund Aquarium will tell you all about the fascinating little whale that has become quite common in Øresund (the Sound).

We can also offer other tours, such as watching marine life through water binoculars. So, if have any special wishes or ideas, please contact us.



Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Louisiana is an international museum with a stunning collection of modern art by many of the world’s greatest artists. The museum’s permanent collection includes more than 300 Arts & paintings and The Art museum is one of the largest in Scandinavia.